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NFL Star Cam Newton Makes a Surprise Visit to LOL Burger Bar

Atlanta, GA – April 5, 2024 – LOL Burger Bar, Atlanta’s favorite destination for creative burgers and good vibes, received an unexpected visit from NFL quarterback and Heisman Trophy recipient Cam Newton, who had everyone starstruck when he stopped in for a delicious burger. Known for his dynamic presence both on and off the field, Cam Newton’s visit added an extra dash of excitement to the bustling restaurant.

During his visit, Cam Newton charmed the staff and patrons alike with his infectious energy and genuine enthusiasm for LOL Burger Bar’s mouthwatering offerings. A fan-favorite among football enthusiasts, Cam’s casual visit highlighted LOL Burger Bar’s reputation as a go-to spot for celebrities and locals seeking great food and a fun atmosphere.

Cassidy Jones, owner of LOL Burger Bar, shared her excitement about Cam Newton’s visit, stating, “We were thrilled to welcome Cam Newton to LOL Burger Bar for a takeout order. His visit brought a lot of joy and excitement to our team and customers. It was my first time every being starstruck! It was a pleasure serving him and showcasing what makes LOL Burger Bar a unique dining experience.”

Founded on a passion for delicious food and community spirit, LOL Burger Bar continues to win hearts with its inventive menu and lively ambiance. Cam Newton’s visit underscores LOL Burger Bar’s appeal as a place where celebrities and diners alike can enjoy a memorable meal in a relaxed setting.

About LOL Burger Bar:

Located in Atlanta, GA, LOL Burger Bar is renowned for its creative burgers, craft beverages, and vibrant atmosphere. Founded by Cassidy Jones, LOL Burger Bar is committed to providing a welcoming environment where friends and families can gather to enjoy great food and create lasting memories.


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