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The "LOL" contrary to popular belief does NOT stand for Laugh Out Loud. It stands for Live Out Loud. Society places a stigma or stereotype on you and depending on where you are from and how you grew up, you are already stamped with the life you should lead. For some its college or the military, or maybe working for your parents company. For others it may be a darker path that comes from a hard and unfair upbringing. For owner Cassidy Jones, the story was to get good grades, go to college, get a good job with great pay and benefits, meet a good guy, get married and live the white picket fence life. Entrepreneurship was too risky and wasn't even an option presented to her. So she followed the path that was presented to her. She went to college, got good grades, graduated at the top of her class, went to graduate school, got good grades, graduated at the top of her class. (Catches breath) Then she goes and gets a good "Govment" (yes that's correct IYKYK) Job with benefits. She even met a nice guy, marries him, and starts a family. To society she had made it! But something was still missing.  Entrepreneurship was calling her and one day she decided that she couldn't ignore it any longer and answered the call. So the moral of the story is, after saying all of that, (whew) Living Out Loud embodies the idea that you should be who YOU want to be, do what makes YOU happy, and not fall into what Society says or thinks you should be.


"Burgers and building successful businesses makes me happy. So I decided I wanted to open a burger restaurant." - Cassidy Jones, MBA

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At LOL Burger Bar, we strive to bring you the best experience possible every time you visit us. We make sure that the quality and consistency of our products are top notch. We have a variety of burgers to choose from, all made from the freshest ingredients and cooked to perfection. We are big on taste and even bigger on Experience. We strive to provide every customer with a memorable and enjoyable experience with every visit. Our staff is dedicated to providing friendly and attentive service, so you can always count on us for a mouth-watering and delicious meal. Step into LOL Burger Bar and let us take care of your hunger.

NOV 2022

Purchased a local korean burger joint called SSAM Burger and converted it into LOL Burger Bar.

FEB 2023

Whats Next? Yea guys that's about it for now. :) We've only been open for a year. Stay Tuned!

We opened our doors to the public serving up delicious burgers, wings and shakes.



Cassidy Jones, MBA

Founder & CEO

Serial Entreprenuer. Born & Raised in Newnan, GA. HBCU Graduate of Savannah State University. Wife. Mother of 2.

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