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Join our Team Today! We are Hiring!

Great career opportunities are here!

LOL Burger embodies culture. We encourage our teams to "Live Out Loud." What does that mean exactly, you ask? Well, in pop culture, it means living your life with sass, spice, and flare. In the Urban dictionary it means to live your life genuinely, open, and trustworthy. In lamens terms it just means be yourself, regardless of others’ opinions. 

When you join our team, we don't force you to change who you are. We embody who you are in our brand. Thats what makes us unique. Our People. 

We look for high energy, hard working, dedicated, and focused individuals who are not afraid to Live Out Loud. 

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LOL Burger Bar stands on three principles. They are Quality, Consistency, and Experience. We serve quality not only in the kitchen but also in life by putting out nothing but the best version of ourselves. We are consistent in everything we do; from serving our customers and the presentation of our plates, to who we are as individuals. Lastly, we are all about creating lasting experiences that can be shared and talked about for years to come. 


LOL Burger Bar offers employees complimentary meals while on the clock and a 25% discount off the clock. We also offer optional pay cards with the perk of early paychecks for qualified employees. 



General Managers are responsible for overseeing the overall operation of the restaurant. The position is a senior leadership position and requires experience operating restaurants.  Responsibilities may include: ​Inventory Management and Ordering Scheduling and Labor Management Providing exceptional customer service Ensuring all policies and safety protocols are being followed Working with ownership/district manager to ensure audit compliance Managing budget and cost control This role requires strong time management, customer service, attention to detail and leadership skills to be successfull.



Service Leaders are responsible for the overall experience of our customers. As a service leader you are the first and last person that customers will interact with. Responsibilities may include: Greeting Customers & Assisting with orders. Building Milkshakes and Drinks Expediting food orders from the kitchen, which may include building burgers. Managing/Reporting inventory levels Strong Customer Service skills will be required to perform in this role successfully.



Kitchen prep crew play an integral part in supporting our cooks in the kitchen and ensuring that things run smoothly during shifts. Responsibilities may include: Refilling sauces and restocking on items needed in the kitchen Pressing burgers Prepping and dropping fries and wings Building burgers Washing dishes Time management and attention to detail are important to be successful in this role.



Kitchen cook crew is responsible for providing guests with delicious food in a timely manner. This role is one of the most essential roles in the restaurant. Responsibilities may include: Preparing and cooking food to the appropriate temperature Plating food to the correct specifications Ensuring customer orders are sent out in a timely manner Ensuring presentation, temperature, and build specifications goals are met Following all safety and health code compliance policies Directing prep crew on what is required for shift success Time management and attention to detail are important to be successful in this role. At least 1 year kitchen experience is required for this position.

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